Great Canadian Casino Has It All

The Great Canadian Casino, founded in the year of 1982, is the foremost casino as well as the leading gaming operator in British Columbia, Canada. It happens to be the largest gaming company in the whole of Western Canada. They have their operations all over British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario, New Brunswick, and even the American state of Washington.

The Great Canadian Casino is part of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation that has introduced an altogether new type entertainment, unavailable in Western Canada till 1982: Gaming. Since then, this pioneering casino has evolved into the leading developer of gaming properties, in Canada.

Gaming Options

The many casinos flourishing under the banner of the Great Canadian Casino, offer an extensive array of slot machines and innumerable table games. These include blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps and pai gow. They have 21 gaming destinations as mentioned below:

  • 15 casinos
  • Slot machines in Standard bred racetracks
  • Slot machines in Thoroughbred racetracks
  • Table games and slot machines in Standard bred racetrack
  • 4 Diamond casino resort/conference center
  • 2 hotel towers
  • 3 show theaters, seating 1,000 each
  • 1 bingo hall
  • Several related hospitality facilities with no less than 45 beverage and food outlets
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Great Canadian Casinos has multi-jurisdictional gaming, hospitality and entertainment, as well as operations with an incredible 21 gaming facilities, that consist of: 15 casinos, four horse racetrack casinos, three 1000+ seat show theaters that feature world class entertainment, a world class award winning resort that features two hotels, and over 45 food and beverage outlets.

Besides gaming, the Great Canadian Casino also offers awesome concerts and other events, and its restaurants are a gourmet’s delight. No wonder this vast gaming and entertainment network that has taken Western Canada by storm, has become a favorite with many gaming enthusiasts as well as tourists in general.